Daily Dog Walking from Fort Myers to Naples, Florida

  • Doggie Latchkey¬†offers daily dog walking throughout the Fort Myers and Naples, FL areas
  • Visits can be scheduled any time of day, to fit your schedule
  • We offer discounts for regular clients
  • Our professional pet sitters can work on leash and obedience training during daily dog walks
  • Our clients are amazed at how much better behaved their dogs are after daily dog walking
daily dog walking fort myers naples, FL
fort myers dog walking naples, FL dog walker

Benefits of Daily Dog Walking

  • Regular exercise keeps your dog healthy, limber and agile
  • Regular walking also benefits your dog’s digestive system
  • Curb destructive behavior by reducing or even eliminating chewing, digging and scratching
  • Walks reduce anxiety, excitability and hyperactivity
  • Regular walks and can reduce unwanted attention getting behavior such as barking and whining